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                                     RESTORATIVE JUSTICE RESOURCES COALITION, INC.

The Restorative Justice Resources Coalition, Inc. (“RJRC”) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable corporation that was formed in 1997. The managing board, presently comprised of twelve members, assists and supports the efforts of probationers in Arizona in cooperation with the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department. A list of existing board members is found here.

                                              THE OBJECTIVES OF THIS ORGANIZATION

* To assist the efforts of probationers in their restoration and restitution for crime victims, as well as the general community, both through direct efforts and in cooperation with other charitable institutions and organizations;
* To fund and otherwise assist in the job training and other self-improvement functions for Arizona probationers including support of the GED. program;
* To encourage and facilitate the involvement of private enterprise in Arizona probationers’ restoration, restitution and rehabilitation functions and activities.

The mission of the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department (“MCAPD”) is to enhance the safety and well-being of our neighborhoods. The Department is committed to achieving a balance between the needs of victims and the community and the rights and needs of probationers.

For years the Department has increased its involvement with neighborhood groups and organizations devoted to the health and well being of communities. A vital role of the organization is providing probationers with skillbuilding opportunities including on-site GED classes. Involvement in education, employment, community service and substance abuse treatment are all proven to be effective methods for minimizing the risk of recidivism.


The relationship between the RJRC and MCAPD is designed to provide the maximum benefit to the community while providing education and training to probationer participants that will ultimately lead to community employment.

The program promotes community safety, beautification and improvement, restorative justice, employability and encourages pro-social behaviors thereby optimizing the probationer’s chances for a successful and productive life.

The RJRC solicits projects including, but not limited to, repairs and improvements to the facilities belonging to other non-profit organizations as well as rehabilitation of owner-occupied properties blighted by poverty, not indifference.

The Coalition finds ways to provide the tools and needed construction materials to support these projects, while the MCAPD provides an Administrative Coordinator who provides project management, training and supervision to the crews of probationers to ensure they perform their community services in accordance with their adjudicated probation.

This Coordinator is a licensed contractor with experience in all construction trades and has experience as a vocational instructor. A list of completed projects is included here as well as some photographs of representative projects.


* Over 600 organizations and neighborhoods have been positively impacted.
* Almost 50,000 hours of community service/restitution have been performed.
* Over 4,000 probationers have been trained in construction trades.
* Over 750 probationers have secured jobs in construction field
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